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As the most affordable online retailer, One Digital Scales supplies the best scales, weighing systems, and related medical products to businesses, academic institutions, and direct to the consumer. 

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  CS4x4 Floor Scale series (5-10,000lbs)
by Masterline
Available Options/Models:  
  Hanging Crane Scale, 250lb - 20,000lb
by Masterline
Available Options/Models:  
  HRB High Resolution Balances with Glass Draft Shield - FREE SHIPPING
by LW Measurements
Available Options/Models:  
  LCT Counting Scales - Free Shipping
by LW Measurements
Available Options/Models:  
  NTEP Legal for Trade Floor Scale - Free Freight
by Masterline
Available Options/Models:  
2011 DISCOUNTED SCALES: MRB Balances, discounted crane scales, and the best quality basic shipping scale.
LCT Counting scale guaranteed to be the lowest priced and carries a 2 year warranty!

5,000lb Portable Load Bars $705
(free shipping)

Cheap Shipping Scale
$40 and up
(free shipping)

All Load Cells starting at $90
(free shipping)

Thermal Printer w/ Label Choices

Indicators start at $120 & up!
(free shipping)

Waterproof Food Scales
(free shipping)
Talkin Bout Sharkin' Scale

Quality Pocket Scales
$30 & up
(free shipping)

We specialize in customizing high capacity hanging overhead crane scales and NTEP (legal for trade) floor scales. This month we are running clearance specials on industrial counting scales for pieces and parts counting like our LCT counting scale.
Specialized products include: 
peak hold/stress testing crane scales, affordable balances, and animal scales.

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